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Retroactive Reviews: 3DS Launch Lineup

Originally I was going to write a massive E3 2011 write-up, but considering the extensive coverage of the event posted in virtually every other news site and podcast, I felt anything I added would be considered redundant.

So I’ll just quickly summarize my thoughts on the three major conferences this year.

Microsoft: I liked the parts that didn’t talk about Kinect.

Sony: Classy apology, Uncharted 3 looks fantastic, Vita is getting bought Day One.

Nintendo: Luigi’s Mansion 2 was my favorite announcement. Wii U has potential for both greatness and tragedy. Too early to tell.

In any event, I’ve finally finished my review of most of the 3DS’ launch games. Check them out below.

Steel Diver

Rayman 3D

Super Monkey Ball

Pilotwings Resort



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