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South Figaro Podcast Episodes 43-45

Enjoy this latest collection of episodes that deal with post-E3 commentary, more FFVII Remake talk, and the push for more relevant Street Fighter characters. Episode 43: Episode 44: reading

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Final Fantasy VII: Character Development In Costa De Sol

The E3 2015 reveal of the long-desired, long-dreamed Final Fantasy VII Remake was met with widespread joy and hype, with hundreds of reaction videos hitting YouTube overnight and the official … Continue reading

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South Figaro Podcast Episode 41&42: E3 2015 Thoughts and Final Fantasy VII Remake Specualtion

I never thought I would be able to think about the Remake to Final Fantasy VII in non-hypothetical terms. If anyone who had been following this blog for so long … Continue reading

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South Figaro Podcast Episode 40: Do You Feel That?

It’s the last recording before E3, and we can feel the ground shaking on our feet. That isn’t the power trying to come back on, it’s the large and ferocious … Continue reading

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South Figaro Podcast Episode 39: Anime Spoilercast 8

Somestickguy has been traveling around the world, but makes some time to talk about the globe-trotting, vampire-slaying antics of JoJo and friends while I attempt to reintroduce him to Danmachi … Continue reading

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South Figaro Podcast Episode 38: E3 2015 Predictions

This year’s E3 is still a couple of weeks away, but we simply couldn’t wait to lay down our predictions and prayers for the big event. How much Halo will … Continue reading

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Five Final Fantasy Characters (Who Should Have Been The Main Characters)

One of the longest-running debates with Final Fantasy fans is whether or not Final Fantasy VI has an established protagonist. Those who subscribe to this theory do so under the … Continue reading

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