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Monthly Archives: November, 2008

Delicious Deals: Sonic Unleashed

CC, MM, now DD. I’m sure you noticed the pattern here, but whether you find it creative or cliche will be up to the individual. Probably like today’s deal. With … Continue reading

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Musical Musing: Chrono Trigger

In addition to Character Corner, I’m also adding another category to my blog: Music! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big RPG fan, so it’s only natural that I would … Continue reading

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Character Corner: Zangief

For this blog, I have decided to add a few categories that pertain to a certain subject. One of these categories will deal with videogame characters, in which I dedicate … Continue reading

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How’s It Going?

Welcome to the debut post of my new blog. Let’s skip the fanfare and get right to the cold, hard facts. What’s this blog about? Videogames! Like many gamers, I … Continue reading

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