Blame The Lag

Mushroom Soup For The Pixelated Soul


What’s this blog about? Videogames!

Why this blog? So I can share all my random thoughts and observations I’ve gathered over the years playing games. You can expect to see posts where I might briefly comment on a certain aspect or cliche, recent news that may be relevant to my interests, or whenever I feel like waxing nostalgic on some of my favorite moments or experiences.

So Who Are You? My name is Jorge S Fernandez, a Floridian who goes by several online monikers, which you can find below, and are free to contact me or add me whenever you’d like. As long as you’re friendly, I’ll be happy to converse with you any time.

Penny Arcade Forums: Professor Snugglesworth


Steam: Primoman

AIM: Xngears


Xbox 360: Dr Shizuma

Wii: 3457 5065 6822 4602

Final Fantasy XI: Jorginus (Midgardsormr Server)

World of Warcraft: Jordinand (Cho’Gall, Horde)


One comment on “About

  1. J-Greene
    July 4, 2015

    Hey, man, just stopped by to say I loved your piece on DBZ: Battle of the Gods. I thought it was just okay, and I had some of the same crits as the majority of fans, but in reading your take on things, it’s clear I underestimated it. I blame the expectations lukewarm reviews gave me; good movie in retrospect.

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