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Jawsome Japanimation: Madoka Magica: The Different Story Vol 1

Just a quick little something I’d like to share. Fresh from 4chan (a fairly tolerable board provided you’ve built up an appropriate Mind of Steel) is the first English translation of the newest Madoka Magica spinoff manga, The Different Story.

A three volume manga series by the author/illustrator of the original series’ manga adaption, The Different Story is…well, a different take on the original Madoka storyline, though with plenty of familiar elements for fans of the series.

This first volume is notable for being an adaption of Mami and Kyouko’s backstory, first featured in Drama CD 3 (if you’re having trouble keeping up with all this crossover media, it’s going to get much, much worse for the next few years), as well as a story that exclusively stars these two Magical Girls.

Credit goes to the /a/nons behind this translation, who will soon be starting work on Vol 2. Meanwhile, you can download this newly translated manga right here.


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