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Retroactive Reviews: Dark Souls, Serious Sam DD, Bleach And More

If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet since my last post back in September….thanks. It makes me happy that I’m appreciated.

But as for why things have been quiet, I had simply not been receiving many games to review. Many of the big titles for November had to be purchased with my own hard-earned cash, leaving me little time to write anything.

I mean, have you played Skyrim? That thing’s more addicting than pipe weed.

But I’m writing now to let you know that the slump is coming to an end. I’ve made some new contacts that will be providing me with work, and I’ll be working on some new reviews as we speak.

Until then, I’ll be out of town for the next week, but will be back to provide you reviews for new games, including Need for Speed: The Run and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

Before I go, here are some newly posted reviews, including my final review for The Armchair Empire.


Dark Souls (PS3)

Puzzle Agent (PSN)

Puzzle Agent 2 (PC)

Back to the Future (PC)

Serious Sam: Double D (PC)

Sega Bass Fishing (XBLA)

Bleach: Soul Ressureccion (PS3)


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