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Retroactive Reviews: Xenoblade Chronicles, Alice: Madness Returns, Exerbeat

Here I am living each day in fear of the impending November rush, with its near-uncountable number of top tier releases, when I can’t even go through September without adding more and more games into my pile.

I thought I would learn my lesson after the impulse purchase of Dead Island on PC, but nary two weeks later and I’m splurging more cash on either new releases or massively discounted titles. The latter includes Fist of the North Star for PS3 ($10 Amazon sale), Mirror’s Edge on Steam ($5, sold my 360 copy to break even), while the former includes Gears of War 3 from Best Buy, and pre-ordering Batman: Arkham City on PC through Green Man Gaming.

And that was one day before learning that the PC version of Batman has been pushed back to November. As if that month wasn’t frightening enough for my poor wallet.

As for Gears, I actually ended up getting a sealed copy less than a week later for review, so I now have plans to return the extra sealed copy to Best Buy for full credit, and use that to purchase the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection as well as God of War: Origins Collection for PS3; the store currently has a promotion where you save $20 for buying both at once, so that’s essentially four games for the price of one.

Oh, and I’m also eyeballing the PSN+ sale of Resident Evil 4 for $10. I’m hopeless, indeed.

In any event, I have a new batch of reviews to share, including one of my proudest written achievements with Xenoblade Chronicles; never would I have imagined that a JRPG would enthrall me so deeply since the PSX era, but even with the pedigree behind this game (the same folks behind Xenogears, a title I still highly adore, and Xenosaga, which started great but quickly went downhill), I was still taken aback by just how wonderful everything in that game is. It’s like the developers made a checklist to take down every feature that people love about RPGs (both Western and Japanese) and made sure to include them all into a game so massive you wonder how they could squeeze it into a single Wii disc.

So enjoy my review, the first game to receive a perfect score from me for Z Connect.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Alice: Madness Returns (360)

Exerbeat (Wii)

Stay tuned for my review of Gears of War 3, which will be available within the week.


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