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Summer Maintenance Part 3

Wall’s finally been painted.

Smooth as a Smurf’s bottom, I’d say.

Well, Poppa Smurf’s, at least. Most of this will be obscured by the desk, anyway.

Speaking of which, the replacement screws came in today, two days earlier than expected. After putting in a couple of hours, I’m ready to stand the whole thing up and start working on the drawers. Fate permitting, I’ll finally have it set up by Tuesday.

And speaking of Tuesday, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is finally making it way into non-pirated hands. I’m sitting here on my crappy temp desk waiting for Steam to unlock my pre-order now.

I recently played the original Deus Ex for the first time in my life a couple of months ago, and finished it last week. I was thinking doing a “Ten Things I Hate About Deus Ex” post (something I’m sure would have angered a fair share of folks), but most of the complaints would be against its technological limitations. Being an old game, it wouldn’t be completely fair, though truth be told half of my enjoyment from playing the original was imagining how awesome these concepts would work in the upcoming sequel.

The hype is quite enormous, so I hope it lives up to its expectations.


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