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Summer Maintenance Part 2

My original plan to have my new desk ready by Friday hit a bit of a snag; the tools included in the installation include “hidden cam screws”, which are basically a one-time use kind of screw.

Unfortunately I wasted about 15 of them before I realized how to properly use them.

Three separate hardware store visits led to no avail, as this kind of screw was exclusive to the manufacturer. The good news is that they shipped a new order of screws to my house, free of charge.

The bad news is that they won’t arrive until Wednesday at the earliest, leaving the project officially on hold, and resting sideways on my upstairs hallway.

If there’s one upside to this, it’s that it gives me a chance to patch up and repaint the wall that this desk is destined to rest against. Years of cables, calendars and other clutter have left several patches of holes and peeled paint, all of which I hope to have smoothed out in the next day or two.

My room is quite in shambles now, but I suppose it’s got to look worse before it gets better.

I’ll keep you updated on what is now an ongoing series, as well as a surprise review come Monday.


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