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This Webcomic Hits Really Close To Home

So there’s this funny webcomic called….Funny Webcomic, which I just discovered via a GAF post (once in a blue moon they turn up some funny stuff that’s actually ha-ha funny and not “good lord how can a human think like this” funny).

It pokes fun at quite a few common trends around videogame topics on the internet, particularly videogame reviewers.

A lot of the strips hit uncomfortably close to home:

I've actually bragged about this once or twice in a Gamestop.

I've suspected for the longest time that most of my reviews are 7's out of 10. I'm too afraid to look back and count.

I'll have you know that "very" is a very popular adverb in game reviews.

I might actually do this one day.



Give it a look; I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it, since I could always use more webcomics to frequent.

Penny Arcade’s strips have been kind of middle-ground lately.


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This entry was posted on February 16, 2011 by in Reviews.
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