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Retroactive Reviews: Heavy Rain, No More Heroes 2, LBP and NBA on PSP

I guess I teased about the box long enough. This is what was inside….

Available only in the UK, I received an overseas copy of the Heavy Rain Limited Edition. Its contents included the game, a newspaper-like manual, a downloadable copy of the soundtrack, the first DLC episode, an origami figure, and a seriously cool virtual rain cover. Being privy to a limited edition that’s already hit rarity (and outrageous Ebay prices) has become one of my biggest successes as a reviewer, and I feel truly privileged to experience one of my most anticipated titles in a way most NA gamers can’t. A big thanks to Z Connection, and another big thanks to Sony for keeping their system region-free.

Oh, I also loved the game. A whole lot. The review, along with several others, can be found below.

Heavy Rain

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

LittleBigPlanet PSP



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