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Retroactive Reviews: Mass Effect 2

Had I been reviewing this game using a 10 point scale, I would have easily given it a 10 out of 10. When you’re rounding off the score, it doesn’t necessarily make the game “perfect”, as I explained during my Uncharted 2 review. It just means that the overall quality was closer to 10 than it was to 9. A 5 out of 5 system, which was used for Primotech, offers even more lee-way, even if it does have the side effect of giving lots of good-to-great games a 4.

But since Z Connect uses percentiles, I find myself forced to heavily weigh in my scoring decisions. Often this ends up with some peculiar decisions in my part, after all what’s the difference between a 98 over a 99? I ended up enjoying Darksiders a little more than Bayonetta, hence the 1 point difference, but I don’t think that accurately illustrates why it was the better game, which is why I put extra emphasis on the written portion of my reviews.

For a while, I was all set to give Mass Effect 2 an unprecedented 100%, but I really didn’t want to open my mouth while also inserting my foot. I ultimately decided to take off 2 points, one for scanning planets (which I didn’t really have an issue with, but could also see why it would frustrate other people), the other for some underdeveloped characters and concepts (as satisfying as the game is, it also feels like an ongoing set-up for Mass Effect 3, rather than truly standing on its own as a sequel).
In any event, I’m somewhat nervous how this review turned out, mainly due to its relevancy; if you were curious about the game, you would have already read the previous reviews and would eagerly be on your 2nd or 3rd playthrough by now. This was requested as sort of a last-minute contribution for Z Connect, of which I quickly accepted due to my eagerness of discussing the game professionally, and also because of the highly anticipated package they will be sending me, of which I should hopefully receive sometime next week.

But perfect score or not, I’ll admit this: I’m a fan now. Where the first game introduced some great concepts that I felt were overshadowed by some nagging technical issues, the sequel completely blew me away even after months of hype. I’m fully converted and committed to the series now, and I await each and every day in full froth over what Bioware has in store next. DLC missions aren’t enough, I’m dying for an expansion pack before the year is up, ala Dragon Age.  Anything, really, to continue the adventure, because this has seriously become one of my favorite series this gen. The crew of the Normandy aren’t Shepard’s crew, they’re my crew, and I’ll gladly fight alongside each and every one of them for as long as there are new missions to partake in.

Except Jack. Jack is pretty lame.

Mass Effect 2 (PC)


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