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Retroactive Reviews: Borderlands, Gyromancer, Modern Warfare Wii

Hope everyone had a nice ChristmaKwanzikah. Even though I feel myself becoming more detached from the season each year, I had a lot of fun this year as well as receiving a bigger haul than I imagined.

My gifts for 2009 include the following:

1. Tom Tom GPS: Something I have sorely needed for a long time, as I have a Ryoga-like capacity to get hopelessly lost while driving. Having never owned a GPS before, I’ve found myself utterly impressed at the accuracy of this device along with its ability to search nearby locations by name, display them as icons on the map, and even warn me which traffic lights contain security cameras. This might all sound old hat for early adopters, but I’m just glad to be up in the technological times.

2. District 9 on Blu Ray: Very surprised I received this gift, as I only mentioned an interest in it once within ear shot. They even sprung for the Best Buy exclusive, including a cute but impractical MNU vest. The movie, by the way, is absolutely stunning on Blu Ray, and features a multitude of awesome extras. If you own a PS3 or standalone player, you need this movie in your collection.

3. Zelda: Spirit Tracks: The only request I made this year, as part of a weekly Target sale ($25). I’ve only spent about 10 minutes on it so far, as I’m trying to finish up Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days before committing to this.

4. Starbucks Card: $25, which means sweet coffee and hopefully a new mug, as my previous one got chipped.

5. Cash: $170 total. Already been partially spent on Toys R Us’ Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off sale, in which I used a $20 gift card I had saved from purchasing Modern Warfare 2. With the deal, I walked away with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers at roughly two for the price of one. Also ordered The Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu Ray from Amazon as per a price drop. Phew.

6. Hooters Calender: Er…my dad has a buddy who gives these to him for free. I’ve always been against having stuff like this up on my wall, as it makes for awkward glances should company arrive, as well as those….lonely nights….

My Grandma supplied me with the usual assortment of clothes, but surprisingly she picked out some decent stuff this year:

Various tops, including some really wacky yet fashionable Star Wars prints (check out the Stormtrooper skull!), along with a jacket that I’ll rarely ever wear due to South Florida weather. Getting even two days of chilly weather is considered miraculous in these parts.

Coffee: Sweet, sweet coffee.

And finally, we kicked off Christmas Eve in the usual tradition, by serving up the most delicious dish of the entire year.

Want to play a game?

Yeah, up close it’s horrifying, but trust me when I say that this bad boy’s got the tastiest pork this side of town. Nearly a week later, we still have lots of leftovers.

Anyway, this officially makes my last post for 2009. I’ll try to get my annual round-up post ready by the weekend. In the meantime, I’ve got some more reviews for you:



Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare REFLEX


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