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Retroactive Reviews: Afrika, Dirt 2, C.O.R.E.

Got another batch of reviews for you guys, including my exclusive review of DS First Person Shooter C.O.R.E., a sleeper hit that stands a chance of becoming Game of the Year.

No, actually, that’s a lie. It was the worst piece of crap I had to review since Everlight of Magic and Power. The only thing that managed to surprise me about that game was that someone actually paid $13 to buy it off me from Ebay. Enjoy it, buddy.

My next review will be my biggest yet this year, which will remain a secret UNtil it’s posted, but I’m sure it’ll be a cinCH for you readARs To figurE it out in Due time. It should be up in 2 days.

And with Halloween creeping its way up this week, I plan to make a special blog post in commemoration of the season.

Anyway, gotta wrap this up since I’ve got some Tekken 6 to start playing.


Dirt 2



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