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I came for a Fight, and walked into a Brawl

So today I made my way to Gamestop to collect my pre-ordered Tekken 6 bundle, a package I was looking forward to for quite some time. Not only did it mark the official launch of Tekken 6, which looks like a jam-packed brawler with sweet motion blur, but it also included the wireless arcade stick, the first wireless third party accessory for the 360.

When it came to fighting games, I mostly avoided purchasing the 360 versions, as the horrendous d-pad was not friendly toward veterans of down+down-forward+forward+button mashers. The Tekken 6 arcade stick offered a sweet alternative, and was wireless to boot. The way the 360 dangles atop my TV would have made corded controllers a visual eyesore.

The game was approved by Massive Damage for review, which meant they’d foot the bill, but only on the game itself. Still, getting a chunk off of the $150 price tag was still acceptable, and I also decided to purchase a $10 used copy of Yakuza on the PS2, as I’ve been in the mood to finish it after a previous sampling some time ago.

You think the Wii-sized box bundle and the lengthy Japanese brawler would be enough to satisfy me, but along the way home I decided to stop by my local Blockbuster, which sadly was on the verge of closing.

Tragic though that may be, closing stores also mean big sales.

Well, I do have that wireless arcade stick now, so I figured why not give it a test run with some fighting games I originally put off?

For $7 each, I nabbed Dead or Alive 4 and Virtua Fighter 5. The former, I’m told, is pretty unplayable online, but since the DOA games tend to have a wealth of extra content and CG, and tend to be flashy, quick fun, I figured it was worth the price. This, of course, isn’t mentioning the massive, bouncing honkers that will no doubt take up half of my ’45 screen. As for VF5, I’ve heard nothing but praise for its online and fighting mechanics, although in all honesty I never was a big fan of the franchise; by skipping out on any story modes or cutscenes, I never identify with any of the cookie cutter fighters. That’s considered a good thing for fans wanting to just step into the brawl, but if they really believe VF’s Akira is as memorable as SF’s Ryu, they’re seriously deluding themselves.

Also, headphones. I needed new headphones, and they were on a discount.

Man, I’ve played a lot of stuff this year.


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