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Musical Musing: Batman the Animated Series

By the time you read this, Batman: Arkham Asylum should be available in stores everywhere. While you’re busy pondering on whether to purchase the Collector’s Edition (for a plastic Batarang you can’t even take out of the stand? Pass), or for you multi-console owners deciding between the PS3 and 360 versions (PS3 for me, can’t ignore those Joker levels), I thought I’d take the time to give you guys a little gift.

The fantastic score to the fantastic animated series. You can grab both parts here and here. For you 360 buyers, feel free to use this as a custom soundtrack. The music from “The Last Laugh” is particularly awesome. I hope a second volume will be released one day, since there’s still a ton of excellent music they can take from the show (Clayface theme!).

Dissidia is also being released at this time, but I’ve said enough about that game. It’s unfortunate that many of the characters I hoped to see won’t be showing up, but it’s still something to look forward to.

Oh, and uh…kudos to Paul WS Anderson for marrying his fanfiction character, which he has shoehorned into his Resident Evil movies and given X-Men/Matrix superpowers to fight some of our favorite videogame monsters (Oh, Nemesis…). I’m sure the two of them will continue to provide us with terrible movie adaptions of our favorite RE games. Can’t wait to see them ruin Leon and Resident Evil 4 next.


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