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Delicious Deals: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Well, I certainly saw this coming: As Batman’s release loomed closer and closer, I find myself more and more tempted to purchase it, despite a limited amount of funds, a pre-commited decision to purchasing Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and the hopes that one of my regular website gigs would succeed in securing me a copy for review. Try as they might, the good folks in said websites haven’t been able to make the latter happen.

So then comes Toys ‘R Us’s incredibly tantalizing deal: Purchase Batman at their store on Tuesday, and they’ll give you a free $20 gift card. Even better, if you’re a reward member, you’ll get a $30 gift card should you stop by in the hours of 10am-2pm.

Seeing how becoming a TRU Reward member is incredibly easy and free (and can be done online as well), pulling this off means I can grab Dissidia for a mere $10. It’s a hard deal to pass up, which is why I most likely won’t. For any Bat-fans out there, neither should you.

The other day I received my Ebay purchased Wireless Headset for the Xbox 360, as the packaged mic had been reaching its last legs. The headset is a definite improvement, with all my friends coming across crystal clear, and I assume the controller will benefit as well with a longer battery life without the mic plugged in (but don’t quote me on that). If you can find it cheap like I did ($35), I definitely suggest it.

An even better deal that same day was finding a used Wireless PC Receiver for the 360 controller at my local Play N’ Trade, only $15. I’d been using Xpadder along with a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 controller for my PC gaming needs, but you can’t beat using the 360 controller on games that support it. In addition to better analog control, the controller features vibration feedback (something Xpadder couldn’t emulate). The headset can work with the receiver as well, although it seems to only work correctly on Games for Windows; I’ve tried the headset on Left 4 Dead, but it outputs both voice chat and the game’s audio, effectively turning it into a mono headphone. In any event, I’m now left with a tough decision on making future purchases on PC rather than the 360, as I can now emulate the experience on PC, with the addition of improved graphics and framerate. I tried the Resident Evil 5 PC benchmark, and the visual difference is ridiculous, not to mention frustrating. Aside from The Orange Box, I’m not a fan of purchasing the same game twice.

It doesn’t help that Batman’s been delayed on PC to ensure it’ll be the best version by far. Since when was it impossible on consoles to include realtime fog, cloth, and broken tiles?


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