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Retroactive Reviews: Shadow Complex

I’ve got a little late-night treat for you guys. I was supposed to have my review of Shadow Complex ready next week, but I decided to follow suit with every other reviewer and have my thoughts ready just before the game’s launch. I was privileged enough to experience this wonderful game a week before the general public, so I felt it was only fair that I have my review out at the precise moment of its impeding release.

Take it from me as a gamer, this is a title you don’t want to miss out on.

Also, take it from me as a movie fan not to miss out on District 9 either, which I watched the other day. Amazing how despite having a quarter of the budget of Transformers 2, the CGI and aliens were far more believable than in this movie than in the former. An excellent sci-fi romp that will bring about a variety of emotions from you, it deserves all the praise it’s getting, and I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel.

Ironic that I can say the same thing about Shadow Complex here. I can only hope Epic doesn’t pull a Gears 2 here.

Shadow Complex


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