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Retroactive Reviews: Point Lookout, Monkey Island SE, and Cogs

Now and again, I get these sudden urges to watch, read, or play something with a pure horror theme. I’m a huge fan by nature of horror, even if I rarely experience anything spine-tingling these days. Recently I’ve been entertained by campy horror such as Left 4 Dead and Drag Me To Hell, but I want to experience the cold chill that only real horror such as Silent Hill can provide (and even its latest game failed to truly terrify).

It was yesterday that I was made aware of an Indie film called Paranormal Activity, a film that has been toted by many as “the scariest movie since The Exorcist”. Even in a world of overhype, that’s a pretty prestigious claim. I’m also admittedly a fan of the mockumentary style of horror films, which was made famous with The Blair Witch Project (yes, I liked it, and I still do); low budget shaky cams is the way to go, since you don’t have to be distracted by mood destroying cliches such as bad monster CG or loud, intrusive music. Cloverfield and [REC] were both very entertaining, so I’m certainly interested in Paranormal Activity.

Well, there’s the problem: it’s not available anywhere. The movie was picked up by Dreamworks, and they’ve been sitting on the license while they work on an American remake. This trend of taking an existing horror movie and Hollywooding it up is pretty sickening. [REC], Let The Right One In, and now this. The originals were perfectly fine on their own, and the remakes usually end up inferior in comparison. The Ring seems to be the only Hollywooded movie to get it right, with better effects and a less boring middle portion.

The rumored release for PA is November 2009, which probably means that Dreamworks will work to get its own version out by Halloween. The sooner they chug that out, the better, since it means we can experience the original and see if it lives up to the hype.

On the gaming side of horror, I’ve decided to focus on Fatal Frame II, one of several titles I’ve purchased but ultimately left on the back-burner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great horror game, but it’s also a really slow-paced one (it doesn’t help that the main sister walks as slow as her handicapped sister); the quiet moments in the dark rooms certainly lead to a never-ending tension, but it also leaves me rather sleepy. It also didn’t help that my saved data was deleted thanks to a shoddy third party card. Nevertheless, I’m going to commit to this game and see it to the end. Until Silent Hill: Shattered Memories comes out, I don’t have any other alternatives.

Now for the reviews: I’ve submitted four reviews last week, three of which are up for reading. I also received King of Fighters XII in the mail today, though unfortunately I was misinformed, as it’s a 360 copy instead of a PS3 one. I don’t know how much of my review will be affected by the terrible 360 d-pad, but that Tekken 6 arcade stick bundle can’t come soon enough. I also received a PSN code for Shatter, a title I wasn’t made aware of, but ended up a pleasant surprise as an addictive puzzle game. Expect a review sometime next week.

Meanwhile, enjoy the next three of my summer reviews.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC)

Fallout 3: Point Lookout (Xbox 360)

Cogs (PC)


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