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Retroactive Reviews: Battlefield 1943

Despite the already hefty amount of reviews I need to work on, I’m pleased to add two more reviews to the list, titles that I was genuinely interested in purchasing, but can now enjoy as well as professionally critique.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout: This is one of those sandbox games that has a mystical hold on me; it’s never enough to just go from Point A to Point B, I also have to make several hundred detours along the way, or just veer off the beaten path completely to discover a new area to explore. After several countless hours of working toward Achievement-specific quests, and having already finished the main storyline in a separate file, I began to consider shelving the game for a while.

But today I was pleased to receive a requested download code for Point Lookout, the newest DLC quest. I’ve been highly interested in Point Lookout from the screenshots released, as it follows a different tone and feel from the rest of the game, and looks like a post-apocalyptic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with dark woods and grotesque rednecks looking to give you an ax shave. I’m looking forward to this one.

Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection: The release of this map pack couldn’t have been more timely. After getting back my 360 from warranty repair, I was itching for some multiplayer action, and Gears 2 was there to answer the call. Pretty ironic considering my previous rants toward the game; while most of those complaints still stand (especially the frequently unstable automatching), things have improved a bit, making those updates less than useless. In particular, the feature of replacing quitting players with AI bots is something that should have been implemented from the start. Regardless, I find myself enjoying Gears 2 more than bitching about it these days, although much of that may be the result of the pain and suffering I endured from Metal Gear Online.

In any event, the All Fronts Collection was quite tantalizing, collecting all the extra maps at once as well as a “deleted scene” (which is, in fact, an alternate path that players could have taken in one of the later levels. Why they didn’t just patch this choice into the original game is beyond me, but I digest). To add insult to injury, the pack was briefly available to download last week, and at half the price. Unfortunately MS fixed their little boo boo before I could take advantage of it.

But thanks to the awesome PR skills of Z Connect, I was given the download code for All Fronts today, after just one day of requesting it. At 19 maps, I’m going to get my fill of multiplayer action, and if my review is glowing enough, it may give MS further incentives to provide codes for the rest of their Summer of Gaming titles.

Let’s just hope they don’t read my “Best and Worst of 2008” article.

Now then, here’s my latest review for The Armchair Empire, Battlefield 1943 for PSN.


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