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Retroactive Reviews: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

In Michael Jackson’s guest appearance in The Simpsons, there is a scene where the mental patient pretending to be Micheal is greeted by Springfield’s eager mob, who upon their shock and awe declare the following:

“He weighs 300 pounds!”

“He’s white!”

“He’s dressed without flair!”

Pretty ironic how two of those three claims eventually came true.

Also ironic how I’ve probably spent more time listening to MJ’s music upon his death than I did while he was alive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always listened to bits and pieces, but I haven’t actively sought out and played his hits like I’m doing now. I guess I feel like a part of my nostalgia had died along with him.

According to Microsoft’s hotline, my Xbox 360 has passed the repair phase, and is on its way back to me. I’m hoping it’ll be within the next two days, as I’ve been itching for some LIVE action, and need to take a break from the abusive relationship I’m having with Metal Gear Online.

Anyway, I had mentioned before how I’ve been given the funds to review Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and all subsequent episodes. I’ve got the first two episodes up and ready, but since the sites I work for need the bandwith, I’ve decided to post direct links to them from now on, rather than just copying and pasting the reviews on this blog. My hits have flourished nicely (almost 15k), so it’s only fair that I repay the favor.

Episode 1: Ceodore and Kain’s Tale

Episode 2: Rydia’s Tale


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