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I’m In Your Wahoo!

When it comes to colds, there’s nothing I find more annoying than a sore throat. It’s a constant, itchy annoyance that requires me to gulp down hundreds of Halls candy and drink as much OJ and water as possible. It keeps me up at night with the incessant coughing and drains me from doing anything physically demanding.

On the upside, I just received my next two titles from Armchair. The first is Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena for the PS3, starring Vin “I’m in your face” Diesal.

This game’s been readily available for pretty much every independant website, so scoring a copy isn’t exactly as exciting as getting Persona 3 a month early, but the buzz has been pretty good on this game, so I’ll give it a shot. The labeling on the cover says it also contains the “complete Butcher Bay campaign”. Having never played the first game, I’m intrigued to just how much is carried over; Does it really feature the entire game, story and all, or just its highlights?

The 2nd game I received, however, deserves much more cause for celebration: Klonoa on the Wii.

Klonoa is like one of those secret series, where it’s only known to the select few who have played it. I come from personal experience with the PS1 original, and let me tell you, it’s one of the best games ever made. A 2D platforming classic with a wonderful soundtrack, lovable characters, and one of the most dramatic stories you’ll ever experience in a videogame. Seriously.

I do wonder if I can review this Wiimake without any bias, because of what I’ve seen in videos, it is by all accounts the exact same game as the original, minus some redone visuals. I just wish they didn’t mess up Klonoa’s english voice, which sounds way too old compared to his adorable, childish Japanese/Phantomise voice. It doesn’t have the same emotional impact if they’re trying to play Klonoa off as a teenager instead of a young boy/cat/koala/thing.

In addition to those two, I’ve also got a free copy of Plants vs Zombies, and a code for Killing Floor incoming. I’ve also been playing betas of Cogs, Trine, and Dragonica, with full review copies set to be delivered soon.

And of course, there’s still my “secret project”, which I hope to officially unveil soon.


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