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A Moment of Silence

Today, I’m sad to report that my great grandmother has passed away.

Ninety-six years is a long and wonderful time to live, and she made great use of that time to support her family. She didn’t look her age, nor did she act like it…she had greater strength than most thirty to forty year olds I know.

That’s why it hurts that she had to pass on in a rather uncomfortable circumstance, laying on a hospital bed for two weeks until her doctors determined that she was past the point of no return. All she wanted was a chance to breathe properly, hence her decision to receive a valve transplant. She made her choice despite the odds, and she fought long and hard until the end. Her last coherent words were “I want to live”.

I had hoped that she could at least live on for a couple more years with a new chance to breathe without pain. Whether she is experiencing that now, I can’t say for certain. I want to believe she is at peace above, but my prayers to keep her in our world went unanswered.

Life’s been going good for me lately, which is why I’m doing what I can to take my mind off my grief. It’s what she would have wanted, and it’s the sanest way for me to cope.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget her and all the love she’s provided to me.

This one’s for you, for inspiring me to live to the fullest, no matter how old I get.


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