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Belated Birthday Post: It’s Japanese for “Goodbye”

It was my birthday three days ago. I wanted to write up a post on said day, but circumstances kept me busy. Good circumstances, mostly. I went to see Star Trek on Imax (highly enjoyable, though I wonder if the midway twist was a brilliant nod for fans, or a haphazard attempt at deus ex machina) and ate at the Cheesecake Factory (I must be getting old, because I couldn’t finish the double BBQ bacon burger I ordered).

I’m posting now on a new laptop I purchased. So far it’s worth every penny, although the bottom left side is pretty darn hot. I’m sure this is something common with all laptops though, which is why I guess they call them “notebooks” nowadays. Seriously, it is pretty hot on my lap.

I’m planning a bigger post next time, to showcase my “gift” to you all, but in the meantime, I just wanted to mention how brilliant these Punch-Out Wii ads are.

I’m not happy at all with many of Nintendo’s decisions lately, but stuff like this still makes me glad to have them around.


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