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I’m sure most of you have heard of Zero Punctuation, and routinely check out his latest vids almost every Wednesday. I get a good chuckle out of his fast-paced British snobbishness now and then, but lately I feel that he’s been phoning it in, trolling games just for the sake of trolling. He’s been especially venomous with his reviews of critically received games like Mirror’s Edge and MGS4, using metaphors revolving around fecal matter and pissed-on graves. It’s like he’s trying to emulate some of Angry Video Game Nerd’s wordplay to increase his audience.

Anyway, while checking out ZP’s latest vid, I came across a new segment on the website called Unskippable. The basis of this section appears to be two guys tossing in little comments and poking while a cutscene from a game is playing. It’s basically like Mystery Science Theater 3000, only with videogames.

The concept is so simple and brilliant, I’m surprised it wasn’t thought of sooner. And it worked too. I found myself laughing quite a bit as this pair ripped Eternal Sonata a new one. Keep in mind I very much enjoyed the game myself, but I make no apologies to the fact that it’s very easy to make fun of, especially with its incredibly long, pretentious cutscenes that seem to go on forever.

I’m looking forward to what Unskippable will be roasting next, and I can only hope they revisit ES again during its mid-game death scene, which is quite possibly the most drawn out, ridiculous death scene since Othello.


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