Blame The Lag

Mushroom Soup For The Pixelated Soul

Surrender the Fried Chicken or there will be….Trouble

It’s been slow around these parts, lately. That’s to be expected, since most people are still decomposing decompressing into the new year.

No new games have been received from Armchair or the newly hired Z Connect, although both have promised work to be delivered soon. This Thursday or Friday, however, will see my review of Persona 4 go up, officially making me the last person on the internet to review it. Maybe I should apply for a job at Kotaku…

Today I’ll also be starting some courses on the road to (I hope) a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I’ve suffered long and hard wondering what my life’s purpose would be, while ironically denying the one field that all signs pointed to. I took a one week Fingerprinting seminar at a local Police Academy, and not only enjoyed it, but felt like it was a field I could devote myself to. I hope this is finally it.

So after wasting your time with promises of new reviews plus hearing me whine like Shinji mid-season, I’ll leave you with Robocop stealing a Korean family’s fried chicken.

I bet that fridge cost more than a dollar, Robo Dick.


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