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Christmas 2008: The Loot

As promised, once the extra Christmas money and gift cards were used up, I would update everyone on the Christmas stash I received this year.

It’s been a silent worry of mine that I’m outgrowing Christmas more and more each year. Gone are the days where I would be bouncing off my couch impatiently while waiting the next day to see if I got that brand new SNES, N64, and Genesis systems, followed by its subsequent games (from Mario to Sonic to Zelda). I no longer rely on my parents to seek out the biggest winter titles, and always rush to the store on day one to secure them myself.

Plus, it doesn’t help that most big releases no longer fall on the Holidays. The last really good December release for me was Final Fantasy X, which was released two months early on a limited Gamestop shipment. Boy that was some good times.

Anyway, despite the lack of surprises, I got some decent stuff, which includes:

1. Prince of Persia (Xbox 360)

The guantlet's pretty emo looking, but otherwise he's a clown.

Like I said before, I purchased most of the big titles on my own, so I just asked for whatever I hadn’t secured. The newest Prince of Persia reboot (and boy did it need one) does away with all the emo and grim overtones that were shoehorned into Warrior Within and haphazardly brushed off in Two Thrones and gives us a real pretty adventure with a Yorda-type partner that hardly requires any assistance and has no problem keeping up with you. Combat has been set aside as a secondary mechanic in favor of more acrobatics and wall jumping, which is a good thing in my book (only Two Thrones boss encounters felt engaging without getting repetitive).

Also I’m prety sure the new Prince is played by Uncharted’s protagonist Drake.

2. Lost Season 4 (Blu Ray)

Time traveling bunnies? Yes, John.

I felt rather guilty that my parents spend that much on the season set, considering that it’s least $20 cheaper on Amazon. But according to them, Gamestop charged them $40 for PoP above (why, I have no idea), so I guess it balances out. Even so, I barely got past disc 1 in the Season 3 set I received last year, due to the following season playing on ABC at the time. History might repeat itself here, as Season 5 is right around the corner, but I foresee at least watching most of this set, as Season 4 was the best season since the first one.

3. Sneakers

I didn't take my sneakers off, I am Sneakers 'O Toole!

I didn't take my sneakers off, I am Sneakers 'O Toole!

Nice sneakers, too.

4. Pajama Pants

Midnight fridging in style.

Midnight fridging in style.

Can’t ever have enough of these. That makes three so far. Three. Yep.

5. A…Blinging Shirt

Trying very hard not to make any offensive jokes

Trying very hard not to make any offensive jokes

If you can’t make it out from the image, those are tiny, shimmering beads decorated around the skull. Not the first shirt I’ve gotten from my Grandmother that will require an exchange later.

6. A Bitching Watch

The hands glow in the dark. Shit yeah.

The hands glow in the dark. Shit yeah.

Okay, there was at least one surprise, courtesy of my incredibly rich, incredibly unhappy Godfather (he goes through TVs, cars, and wives like Costco food samples). One accessory I’m always confident in wearing is a nice looking watch. I hope this gives me a sharp look when I start attending college courses next week.

7. $100 and $20, Respectively:

Which was used to buy the following:

SOCOM: Confrontation Headset Bundle (PS3):

The packaging should have had the Bluetooth on the front, with the little side-pic mentioning that SOCOM was included.

The packaging should have had the Bluetooth on the front, with the little side-pic mentioning that SOCOM was included.

I made good on my own Delicious Deal, taking the Blockbuster flier to Play ‘N Trade (which opened up just five minutes away from home) to honor the price match. The headset works as well as promised, and the game is decent enough, although it’s got an annoying case of frame stuttering every 20 seconds or so (and specifically when respawning or encountering an enemy). It’s just too bad the headset doesn’t seem to be used on other online PS3 games (LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Online).

Wall E (Blu Ray)

Listen, Barnaby.....

Listen, Barnaby.....

This sucker was seriously hard to find. There was one left at the Circuit City I usually frequent. It was also the first time I regretted going to their store, as they had this new BS policy about not honoring the price match on Target’s ad without first confirming if Target had any copies in stock. 25 minutes later they honored it, and for some odd reason charged less than Target’s price and no tax ($19.60). Still not worth the long wait when Target was just two blocks away. Looks like CC really is coming to an end.

I still got $50 left over, but probably won’t spend it anytime soon.

8. $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card:

I was a hair’s length from buying the hardcover print of The Watchmen, which was already on sale for 20% off. But I decided against it, thinking I would enjoy the movie more if I went in fresh and unaware of the major plot twists and epic set pieces. Plus I really wanted to read a good horror story.

So I ended up with:

2oth Century Ghosts (By Joe Hill):

Hopefully has nothing to do with "Thirteen Ghosts"

Hopefully has nothing to do with "Thirteen Ghosts"

I never heard of the author, but he came recommended by a fellow PA member, so I decided to give it a shot. A quick skim verified that his writing was good enough.

The Walking Dead vol 7: The Calm Before:

This will not end well.

Make no mistake: This will not end well.

I discovered The Walking Dead at my local library, and thoroughly enjoyed borrowing each book until they stopped carrying it up to volume 7. I wanted to collect the series from the beginning by ordering the hardcover collections from Amazon, but I can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen in this volume. Even though the book suffers from a ridiculous amount of overexposing dialog (it’s a comic book, fellas, not a novel. use the visuals, not the word bubbles), it’s still a very chilling series that lets you know right off the bat that none of the characters are safe from a sudden and gruesome demise (except maybe the protagonist, although I bet he wishes he were dead at this point). It’s unfortunate some jackass from a PA thread had to post a very spoileriffic pic from this volume (my eyes just can’t avert themselves quick enough), but I’m still eager to see what’ll happen here.

So that’s that. I’m planning another big article before the year is over, so look forward to it.


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