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Delicious Deals: SOCOM Confrontation (w/Headset) and Wall-E (Blu Ray)

I’ve gotten all of my Christmas gifts, but I’m not ready to post my loot yet until the Christmas money has been used; Wouldn’t have much of an effect to take a picture of a $100 bill, after all. By Sunday I should have used that money on all post-Christmas purchases, and I’ll show off my swag by then.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a couple of delicious deals that might help you decide what to do with your Xmas cash. It just so happens that both deals were part of my Christmas list, making it nice and easy for me to collect on what was left out.

SOCOM: Confrontation (w/Headset)-PS3

Blockbuster Video is having a clearance special going on right now, though I’m not sure how long the sale will last. Regardless, the best deal falls on SOCOM: Confrontation, where you can buy the game along with the headset bundled for $44.99, new.

Like some, I’ve mostly wanted this game just for the headset, which is said to work quite excellent with crystal clear quality. The headset by itself goes for $50, so spending an extra $10 for the game was always the smart way to go. But now with this deal, you can get the game and the headset at a cheaper price than just buying the latter, so now’s the time to nab it. The sale isn’t listed on Blockbuster’s website, but you can find fliers taped to the walls of their store, so if they happen to be out of stock, just take the flier to your local price matching store.

Wall E 2 Disc Edition (Blu Ray)

I was rather surprised that my folks had informed me that while they tried to look for a copy of Wall E, as I requested, they had completely sold out at Best Buy when they went. I didn’t think Blu Ray movies had reached DVD caliber sales yet, but between this and the quick sellout at FYE, it looks like they’re just a hair’s length from becoming the new accepted format.

I shouldn’t have to explain what a fantastic movie Wall E was, and how it’s one of the best looking movies to have on Blu Ray, so I’ll get right to the deal. This Sunday (12/28/08), Target will be selling the 2 disc edition for $19.99. This might not be entirely enticing if you were holding out for the 3 disc Digital Copy edition, but if you only require the movie to watch off your PS3 (or blu ray player, as they seem to be quite affordable now), the 2 disc is all you’ll need.

Go forth, and buy.


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