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Collecting Powerups in a Winter Wonderland

It’s Christmas Eve, a time of family gatherings and barbeque pork (for us Floridians). As for the rest of you, as soon as you’re done arguing with your relatives over the lack of cheese pizza, I have an activity for you: Play a winter-themed level from your favorite game.

Most of you will probably be busting out this highly lauded Metroid Prime level:

Or maybe you’ll try something more current, like Gears of War 2’s frozen recreation of the River map. Trust me on this, though, don’t suffer through the incredibly broken matchmaking system, especially during a peak time like today. Think older, like SNES era.

Today, while traveling with my sister for some last minute mall shopping, I came across an FYE store that was having a closeout sale, in which every single item was selling for 50% off. Yes, every single item. Naturally, all the premiere stuff (PS3, Xbox 360, Ipods) sold out quickly, and most of the Blu Ray titles were generic fodder, and not to mention the fact that FYE’s prices have always been absurdly high compared to Best Buy and other stores (I’m honestly surprised they lasted this long), but there were some deals to be had here.

What did I walk away with?

Believe in me who believes in you.

Believe in me who believes in you.

Gurren Lagann Set 01 for $20, containing two volumes at nine episodes total, English and Japanese.

You’ve most likely heard the insane amount of hype and praise this series has gotten, or you’ve experienced it yourself. I for one can’t go a single visit to the internet without people proclaiming this as the greatest anime ever made, a triumph of the human spirit and all that. I’ve always had my doubts about it, since I wasn’t a fan of FLCL, and this sounded like the same kind of self-parodying series that wanted to be wacky and over the top for the sake of being wacky and over the top.

And speaking of tops, I also wondered if I could get through the series without being horribly distracted by the mega popular Yoko, who probably has some sort of world record for quickest rise to popularity among otakus, no doubt in part to her flame bikini top and massive bouncing breasts (and the fact that she’s underage, which should be disturbing for some but a major turn-on for most).

But despite my misgivings, I’ll probably get suckered into it as well, because I do love big budget robot fighting anime shows. So “row row, fight da powa” and all that noise.

I never give up.

Oh, I have one superpower: I never give up.

Justice Leage, Season 1 on Blu Ray, $30.

As I’ve said before, FYE loves to seriously price gauge its titles, especially anime (box set collections usually retail for $90), so I can only hope that I paid below the regular price that this season 1 set goes for in stores like Best Buy, because only paying exactly what it’s worth hardly qualifies as a “deal”.

I also debated for a long while to pass this season over and wait for the far, far better Justice League Season 2 set, or the Justice League Unlimited Season 1 set to follow it (which, in my opinion, is probably the finest thing to come out of the entire DC Animated Universe, not including Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker). Regardless, this collection will not disappoint, even if does suffer from a few minor issues such as a wrinkled (and mostly weak) Superman and the fact that none of the masked heroes ever take their masks off….even when they’re being treated for injuries.

'Kekakku' means 'Plan'

'Keikaku' means 'Plan'

Death Note 2009 Calendar, $7.

I’ve had a Naruto calendar, two Full Metal Alchemists, and a Bleach so far, and I really wanted to have a Death Note one this year, but began to lose hope when I couldn’t find any in the local calendar kiosk. Imagine my joy in finding this in FYE’s closing sale. I wouldn’t say it was “Just as Planned”, but I feel quite accomplished to represent next year with the best anime series I’ve ever been enthralled with since Evangelion.

So, Merry Holidays and whatnot. I asked for either Prince of Persia (the new one) or Socom: Confrontation (mostly for the bluetooth headset), so I’ll find out tomorrow which, if either, I’ll be getting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hitting the slopes.


Always with his delusions....

Not literally.


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