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5000 Hits, Plus New Website

My first 5000 hits. I’m a proud blog owner right now. Couldn’t have done it without you fine viewers. That little counter on the right comforts me with the knowledge that I’m not writing to myself, and motivates me to keep on bringing the hits.

Thank you, truly.

And thank you, ZConnect, a British-based gaming website that has offered me a position as reviewer, making my online work dedicated to two active sites and one comatose site. Even though my consoles are all Region 1, I was told that both the DS and PS3 can play PAL games with no problem, so it shouldn’t be an issue to review whatever they send me. I’m just glad to have another opportunity in building up my gaming journalism credentials, so much so that I’ll withhold making any British jokes.

Oh alright, just one.

Someone tell this cigarette to shut up.

I’ll be making an additional post on Christmas Eve just to lighten up the festivities. Cheerio.


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