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And The Final Dissidia Character Is….

You have grown thin Basche. Less than a shadow. Less than a man. Sentenced to death and yet you live. Why?

"You have grown thin Basche. Less than a shadow. Less than a man."

As rumored, Final Fantasy XII’s Judge Magister Gabranth has been chosen as the last revealed Extra Character for Dissidia. If they’re going to pick someone from that game, it might as well be the character with the coolest design. The only question is who will win in the battle between Gabranth and Garland for the most fabulous suit of psuedo-fantasy armor?

Officially, Gabranth is the “final” character to be unveiled before the game’s release, but I’m still holding out hope that there are still a few surprise characters that are being kept secret until the game is in stores and discovered by early players. I still desire to see Tifa’s inclusion, but at this point I’ll take any extra female characters to fill out the meager ratio put forth by the official cast (in which two females are enemies, one is a neutral non-human, and the other is only a heroic half-human).

Also, Gabranth himself may yield a surprise, since those who finished Final Fantasy XII would be aware that someone else takes on the armor and role of Judge Magister during the game’s end. Regardless, he should be a fun character to use, and hopefully his battle theme will be the incredibly awesome Judge battle theme from FFXII.

Also, here’s the newest trailer, featuring Gabranth’s official unveiling.

EDIT: Subbed version of the same trailer available here.

Just three more days, importers. Maybe two, for you pirates.


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