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Prospective Previews: Persona 4 & Yggdra Union

One of my favorite experiences while working with Primotech was receiving a reviewer’s copy of Persona 3: FES, three weeks before the game officially hit stores.

It was the first time I felt like an actual, legitimate game reviewer, getting the “inside scoop” on games before anyone else. Naturally, I wanted to return the favor by writing a lengthy, concise review on the game.

I also feel like noting that I gave the game a 5 out of 5 not because it was flawless, but because the price value was an absolute steal for the large amount of content available. It’s also another reason I liked the 5-point scoring method, as I could give a game a 5/5 without considering it to be a “perfect” score.

Primotech may be in hiatus now, but I still keep tabs with the editor of that site, and he gave me a bit of a surprise by offering me a chance to review the next iteration of the Persona series, Persona 4, as a way to sort of keep the site on life support. I quickly accepted, and watched over my mailbox intently. Unfortunately, a mix-up of shipping wound up having the game returned to sender, and ultimately what was supposed to be a three week early access to the game has me being one of the last reviewers to receive it, in which I did so today.


The lateness in receiving the game is unfortunate, but that hasn’t sullied my anticipation to play it (and for free, woo!); I was surprised by the very high scores the game has received, as previews didn’t convince me that it would be that major an improvement over the previous Persona. I’m not sold on the new characters either (the girl in green’s got nothing on Yukari, the ideal high school hottie), but I am intrigued by the new setting, which involves late night murders occurring in a small village, with our heroes having to fight the demons by entering TVs.

But that wasn’t the only game I received from Primotech; Yggdra Union for the PSP was included as well. The significance of its inclusion is that it was the last game I was supposed to review before the site went into hiatus. Apparently the editor had it sitting around all this time and decided to include it as a sign of good faith (or maybe he was being ironic). I know nothing about the series, and I’m not certain yet if he wants a review of the game as well, but free is free so I’ll do whatever is needed. As for the check, that was a long overdue payment for the purchase and review of Ninja Gaiden II.

So I realize I’m cheating a bit by doing a preview post consisting of nothing but the aquisition of the game, but I’ll make up for that by giving some first impressions once I start playing. This weekend could also be seeing some leaked online info and trailers on the three Final Fantasy XIII titles, so expect a post of that as well. Keep the hits coming, folks.


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2008 by in Prospective Previews.
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