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Delicious Deals: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

My first DD only gave you guys a small window to take advantage of it, but I’m happy to post the newest deal ahead of time to raise awareness.

Let me go on record saying that the game is a barebones package regardless of the price, since we’re being denied half of the portion that Japan got, which is Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Plus (you gotta love how these companies toss in extra terms like “Plus”, “Turbo”, “HD” and “XXX” to sucker you into repeated purchases).

Final Mix Plus contained more than enough extras to warrant a double dip, including

New Cutscenes:

New Boss Battles:

And even a cool teaser for the upcoming PSP prequel, Birth by Sleep:

It really is a shame we’re only getting the Chain of Memories remake, when adding both games together would have made that $30 price tag a no brainer. But regardless, I hope a lot of people end up buying it to send Square Enix the message that Americans can be suckered into double dipping just as easily as the Japanese. Just look our DVD sales; How many editions of Gladiator do we really need?

Anyway, the deal: This Sunday (12/07/08), Circuit City will be selling Chain of Memories for $19.99. Copies might be limited to nonexistent in some stores (they’re tanking financially right now, but that works in your favor thanks to all the great deals), so make sure to bring the Sunday ad and take it to Best Buy, where they’ll price match it.

The original Chain of Memories for the GBA was a decent concept, but it didn’t win me over. The card managing was a real pain to cycle through with the tiny shoulder buttons found in portable systems, and most of the areas were just retreads from the first game, making the game Part Flashback and Part Sequel Teaser.

But I’m still optimistic for the PS2 version, which will have better controls, 3D graphics (albeit KHI quality, not quite KHII), voice acting (isn’t Haley Joel Osmend too old to do younger Sora?), and uh….well it’s a Kingdom Hearts game, so I’ll be buying it either way. Not only does it have some of my favorite Final Fantasy characters crossing over, it also restores that Disney magic that was lost years ago.

Don’t bring up Pixar films, because to me Disney is only affiliated with Pixar financially, not creatively. Also, I can’t wait for their next movie.


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