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No specific category this time, I just wanted to spread the word on this awesome Half Life fan remix project.

I’m a real late bloomer on all things Steam, getting my feet wet with The Orange Box (one of the greatest game values of all time, especially if you’re an HL newbie like I was). I enjoyed the hell out of it, but can’t bring myself to play the first Half Life due to the dated visuals (I’ve gotten a bit of a migrain of the couple of times I’ve attempted). That’s why I’m especially looking forward to this project, and I hope it gets released soon.

I also hope Valve has the sense to hire the guys making this mod, since it can easily pass as a professional work.

I’d like to give a similar shoutout to the guys working on Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD.

As Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix proved, HD remakes of classic games are a wonderful idea that needs to florish. It’s probably not as likely that Sega will give kudos to the guys working on this project, but as long as they don’t keep them from finishing it, it’s all good.

It’s too bad the same couldn’t be said for Square Enix, who put this intriguing 3D remake of Chrono Trigger to bed once the first trailer was released.

Sure the Crono model suffered from a bit of Goku buffiness, but for an original 3D project it looked very impressive. Plus it probably would have been out sooner than the third Chrono game.

Yes, I still think a third game will become reality, but I wonder how many people will care once it finally gets announced.


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