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Musical Musing: Chrono Trigger

In addition to Character Corner, I’m also adding another category to my blog: Music!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big RPG fan, so it’s only natural that I would have a fondness for the rich and varied music that these games can produce. After all, before 3D polygons, full motion videos, or even voice acting, it was the soundtrack that usually created the illusion of playing a video game like an interactive movie.

So during these posts, I’ll share some of my favorite videogame melodies, mostly in the form of Youtube clips. I’ll even throw a link to the songs in mp3 format, if available.

But don’t expect this blog to be a resource to download soundtracks, because that isn’t happening. Searching for music is the easiest thing anyone can do on the internet, and a google search can instantly turn up some well known sites. I’ll only be sharing individual songs, but keep checking and you might find an arrangement of a favorite song that you might not have been aware of.

Today, I’ll be sharing the two orchestral arrangements found in the pre-order CD for Chrono Trigger DS.

Download the mp3s here and here.

Chrono Trigger DS is available in stores now. If you’ve played the game before, you’ve likely already bought it. If you haven’t, and are skeptical from all the fanboy claims how it’s one of the best RPGs ever (along with a handful of other highly lauded titles), I’ll tell you straight up: It deserves the praise it gets.

What, you want reasons why? What do I look like, a reviewer?

I hope you answered “yes”, but you’re only getting three reasons regardless.

1. It created gameplay elements that current RPGs have yet to fully emulate (such as avoidable encounters and diverse party members).

2. There’s no part of the game that feels like a tacked-on sidequest or filler to artificially increase the length; each area flows together seamlessly.

3. It has one of the coolest “extra” characters ever. Yes, that guy.

And that’s not mentioning the time travel, the tech combo system, the protagonist who lacks a voice but not a personality, the wonderful soundtrack, the fact that you can take on the final boss any time, the multiple endings, etc etc just go buy it already.


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