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Delicious Deals: Sonic Unleashed

CC, MM, now DD. I’m sure you noticed the pattern here, but whether you find it creative or cliche will be up to the individual. Probably like today’s deal.

With my Delicious Deals posts, I’ll share with you some of the awesome deals I come across. I could just give you the link to Cheap Ass Gamer and leave it at that, since it’s the ultimate repository for every kind of online deal that goes on, but whenever I spot a deal that’s just too good to miss, I’ll do my part in creating immediate awareness.

For today only (11/29/08), Amazon is having an absolutely ridiculous deal.

Sonic Unleashed for $15 (PS2), $20 (360) and $25 (Wii).

But wait, enter the code UNLEASH5 and you’ll get another $5 off. That’s a 360 game less than a week old for only $20!

Like many gaming veterans, I highly enjoyed the original 3 Sonic games on the Sega Genesis, but absolutely hate what Sega has done with him in his last several 3D adventures. He’s like one of several celebrities you used to love in the old times, but have despised their regression over the years. Unfortunately like those celebrities, the general public still loves Sonic and buys whatever stupid thing Sega puts him in.

But could Unleashed actually be the title that breaks the Sonic curse? Opinions have been somewhat mixed, but ultimately optimistic: At the very least, it’s an enjoyable adventure that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to like, even if it isn’t a complete return to form for Sonic.

Me? I’m going to give it a shot. Videos like this have convinced me that Sonic might still be worth caring about.

Look at it this way, $20 is an easy investment. There are XBLA games that cost more than that. You get a lengthy adventure, a rocking soundtrack, achievements, some very pretty graphics, and a whole lot of speed. And hey, as incredibly stupid as the Werehog concept sounds, I hear it’s actually pretty fun. Not Sonic-Speed fun, but not something you’ll hate either.

Who knows, this could be the first step to Sonic’s return to glory.

Don’t doubt what he can do, Soniiiic the Hedgehooooog!


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