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How’s It Going?

Welcome to the debut post of my new blog. Let’s skip the fanfare and get right to the cold, hard facts.

What’s this blog about? Videogames! Like many gamers, I began the journey on the NES in the 80’s with Super Mario Bros, and continued on to today’s current systems. I own all three major consoles, portable consoles, and a capable PC for PC gaming in all its incarnations, so there’s pretty much nothing I can’t play.

Why this blog? In hindsight, it’s so I can share all my random thoughts and observations I’ve gathered over the years playing games, and any reactions I might have to the current trend. You can expect to see posts where I might briefly comment on a certain aspect or cliche, recent news that may be “relevant to my interests”, or whenever I feel like waxing nostalgic on some of my favorite moments or experiences.

And maybe the occasional comment about anime or TV shows.

That’s All? Actually, no. Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to write videogame reviews for an independent website called Primotech. I was grateful for the oppurtunity, and wrote a decent amount of reviews until the site reached an “indefinate hiatus”. I now freelance for another independant site called The Armchair Empire, and I’m hoping that with this blog, I might be reached for further oppurtunities to anyone interested in my writing and work.

So Who Are You? My name is Jorge S Fernandez, a Floridian who goes by several online monikers, which you can find below, and are free to contact me or add me whenever you’d like. As long as you’re friendly, I’ll be happy to converse with you any time.

Penny Arcade Forums: Professor Snugglesworth

Steam: Primoman

AIM: Xngears


Xbox 360: Dr Shizuma

Wii: 3457 5065 6822 4602

Final Fantasy XI: Jorginus (Midgardsormr Server)

Got Any Favorite Titles?

Sure do. Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Resident Evil…I pretty much have a favorite series for every genre out there. I can’t pick an absolute favorite of the bunch without absolute certainty, but I will go on record saying I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy and RPGs in particular. I won’t say the majority of blog posts will be related to the latter, but knowing my internet history, it probably will be.

How Often Are Updates? I don’t have a set schedule in mind. I’ll just post whenever I feel I have something to share. If I get into the swing of things, I’d say two or more times a week, early afternoon or late night. Whenever one of my reviews pop up, though, they’ll definetely get posted here.

That It? That’s it. I hope I keep you interested enough to check back, but I mostly hope you enjoy reading my posting.
Also, if you’re a website owner, please hire me. I can has money plz?


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This entry was posted on November 26, 2008 by in Character Corner.


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